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For a Mercedes Benz 2005 ML 350, What does the wrench sign with -5400 and increasing on the odometer mean? How do I know when to change the engine oil for ML 350?
Changed out oil and refilled with M1 0W40 - drove all of 5 miles and checked dipstick - strong gas odor. Could this be a faulty fuel injector? Anyone have ANY ideas? Thanks!
I discovered a residue under oil fill cap that looks like peanut butter. The oil on dipstick looks fairly normal. I drive 1/2 mile to work and back - live in CT where temps are COLD. No overheating, no white smoke ...
I can unplug a plug under the passenger side dash to cut blower off completely but when I plug it up again it blows heat full blast nonstop.
the car has 189k miles, was running great. took off the road in 2012, drove it periodically , stared to not upshift. only runs in 1st gear. Drained the oil ;brown & smells burnt. Dealer suggested change the oil,filter...
I have already changed out all 4 oxygen sensors and now have an additional P0151 error as well.
Bought truck, they changed battery. Then it cycled and everything came back. I typed in a code for GPS/radio, and it now just says wait!!
on the one side the high beam just glows a little and the low beam does not work at all. do i have to change the low beam bulb to make them both work or could there be a short somewhere?
I replaced the crankshaft sensor today and now the vehicle is now hesitating and the engine is shutting off while it seems like its trying to shift gears. I had problems before the sensor was replaced by not starting...
what does the light of bas\ esp mean ?