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2004 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Question: transmission will not go out of first gear. Check engine light came on. Can it be repaired? what can be the problem.
Check Engine light just came on and car now jerks when it is put into Drive. Any possible solution other than getting a new or rebuilt transmission?
Vehicle sat for a week and there was a lot or rain falling. In the rear, I noticed some dampness when I opened the rear tail gate. The carpets were slightly damp, especially around the wheel-well areas. I looked for s...
My engine computer drains my battery very quickly. Is there any recall for this issue?
ML 350 2004 Transmission and Differential (front and rear Axle) Oil used
Sometimes the cold air doesn't blow upon start, other times it begins with cold air then stops along the way. Fan is blowing, air is moving, it's a crap shoot whether it's cold or not.
My engine died as I slowed to turn into a parking lot mall. I didn't get any dash lights. I put into Park and the engine re-started, and seemed to drive ok the rest of the day I spent driving. Any ideas?
The radio works like it has a mind of its own. When it works, the 6 cd changer performs fine, sounds good; radio stations work, etc. Out of the blue, it stops working for no apparent reason.Trouble shoot or replace? H...
I recently had passengers in the rear seats and the dash lights showed SRS and airbags off. When I'm alone, or with a passenger in the front seat, I don't get any dash lights. Can anyone share some light on this problem?
The dashboard lights were working earlier in the day. drove later and dashboard lights didn't come on and the air was blowing but no lights indicating any air should be flowing was on. Tried pushing a few buttons ...