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Ac and Heat air, comes out of all the vents. I turn the knob to either use the defroster or ac in the cab but the air flows from all vents
Just quit for the first time only on the driver's seat.
I replaced the cam and crank sensors and it started first go, turned it off and now it won't start again. feel like setting it on fire and pushing it off a cliff. Any ideas what's wrong? Up to this point the cars been...
Vehicle pulls when wheels cool down after an hour.
the brake booster has hissing noise, need to be replaced. Since this is old car, I am ok with re-manfactured part.
My a/c compressor and the fan comes on when I straight wire it and it cools the car. When we take the straight wire off, everything turns off. I have new freeon in it, so it's not a refrigerant problem. I believe it's...
when warms up goes away but comes back when stoped at light
Sometimes the left side of the speedometer is on and sometimes its off. Same for the external temperture light.
esp light on and trouble shoot says brake light switch.
I will be driving along and all of a sudden I hear a couple of chimes and OIL HI will be Flashing I'm new to a Mercedes and looking For some help so far it only happened 3-4 times
The dash on my mercedes say "from start" with mileage next to it. what does this mean?
Happening all the time, Cranks up on its on sometimes