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plus what is the labor cost to replace a fuel tank that leaks
Dash symbol is picture of the car with up arrow (i assume suspension). How do I diagnose?
The car is a wagon with a fold-down third seat. to get the spare tire out, you have to fold up the seat, remove the mat and open the floorboard with those little plastic handles. The handle has broken off. Thanks
Car warning only comes on when car sits over night, but goes off when started probably air leak to shocks. What is likely problem. is this a fix by MB Dealers only... they are expensive
Problem started at about 96000 miles only to find out today from the info on this site that's the prime time for this problem to happen.
The airmatic suspension on my car is fine if the car is level and warm... If I park it on an angle, such as at a curb on the down hill side, rather than on a level parking area, and it is cold out (under 45f) and the ...
the sbc brake pressure modulator is bad the dealer don't help cause of high miles
15 mph cars rpm maxed,pulled over and turned car off. Restarted and drove perfect home. Now car will not start, bought yesterday...
then you can turn car off then put in park or reverse starts everytime back to drive then same process to change gears any ideas
Was in a drive thru today and the battery light came on. A few minutes later it start shaking slightly. When pushing on the gas it was barely moving and I barely made it to a parking spot and shut it off. When I turne...
Planning to change brake pads and rotors wanted to know if I should change the brake pad sensors as well?
Iam comfuse is it my crank sensor or my fuel pump my fuse n relay to my pump is good but I dont have any gas coming out my gas rail at all and I dont have a spark at all in cylinder 1, 5, 3, 2, will my crank sensor c...
What is the estimated cost to replace a Crankcase Position Sensor on a 2004 Mercedes Benz E500 4Matic Sedan? Given the part cost is about $47-$70, what would be the additional labor cost since the time to remove and ...
I hear a clicking sound when radio or CD is played and sound drops out for a few seconds then comes back