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When we turned the AC to cool this morning, only warm air was blowing. I tried to charge the unit but the pressure on my gauge started climing up to 100. I shut the motor and the freon tank valve and left the connec...
One day it worked. The next it did not. The defroster does not have any air coming out and the fan vents do not have any air coming out. But, you can hear the fan. And, on A/C the fan blows cold air.
If you shut the AC off and on it will get cold for a short period of time.
it was ok before I removed the batttery whatshould I do
Removing the serpentine belt
the car runs perfec for aproximate 15 minutes then sudenly it goes off and will not reestart for aproximately 45 minutes
the car w ill run fine for a few days, then it will not start. after a day or so it will start again.
it did a funny jerk then the check engine light came on then it seem like the car start pulling harder. it would not go that fast.
i spilled coffee on the console of my care now the windows don't work the horn won't blow and the lighter does not work
A few months ago my check engine light popped on. How do I turn it off?