Where is the oil level senior located

when start a car sometimes after 3 or 4 miles run the abs light come on and only say go to the shop,when go the scanner not reading nothing about brakes

It revs up like it want to change but doesn't

It will not go past neutral. Then after about 2 minutes it goes back to park with no problem.

Especially on hot days.

Hi does anyone know what I can possible change to fix the problem I'm having.
I have already changed out crankshaft sensor, fuel pump relay, fuel filter.
I started with fuel pupm relay didn't solve problem then fuel filter seemed to solve problem for 1 week then car continued to die out and sometimes not crank thus causing me to change the crankshaft sensor... Car has worked great for 4 weeks now it started not cranking up unless I turn key and it trys to crank then stop and pump gas then crank pump gas then crank pump gas and it hesitates and coughs then it cranks rpms go to 15000 then drop back down to normal rpm of 6000 car runs great until shut off and then to start up again have to repeat the turn ignition and pump gas routine. Can anyone suggest what may be going on thanks

No codes come up. Help!