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Especially on hot days.
Hi does anyone know what I can possible change to fix the problem I'm having. I have already changed out crankshaft sensor, fuel pump relay, fuel filter. I started with fuel pupm relay didn't solve problem then fuel...
pulled the codes eb1234, eb1235, eb1416, eff-- do I have a serious problem ?
Local non mercedes mechanic thinks its an o2 sensor....but also that it might be the CAT converter
sometimes if you tap it in your palm it will work, then sometimes it wont!
Just bought a 1997 E420. The ASR light is on, what can I check without taking it to a shop? wheel speed sensors or what? The ABS light is also on...could this be directly linked to the ASR light? Cruise control do...
Under hard acceleration it locks up, under normal conditions it is noisy and hard to steer, fluid level is full.
I just tried to pass inspection, and failed on the horn.