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I was told regardless of amount of wear on the pads (ie even if there is 40% remaining), one should always replace routers when brake pads are replaced. True or scam?
the washer fluid odes not spray on either side. I have checked the fluid levels.
repaired, if i leave my car parked for more than a couple of hours the rear driver side deflates, but will rise once the car is turned on, what could be the problem
Any idea what it malfunctioning? All the other door work fine.
I know the reservoir isn't cracked cuz it holds the fluid for days. I'm guessing its my pump since I declogged the nozzles with a piece of wire. Is it hard to replace the pump?
the car would not hardly move can not make any turns looked under the hood and i see oil spilled and the light in the car says alternative parts have been inconveniced
This indicator came on while driving last night. I stopped the vehicle and observed the passenger front side was low and the inside controls raised the other sections of the vehicle but not the passenger front. What...
we replaced the right front level sensor. now we have to recalibrate the airmattic system. whats the specifications of this system?
When I start my vehicle the Mercedes emblem comes on for a few seconds then shuts off. No radio or navigation. I brought it to the dealership and they gave me a estimate of almost 9,000. They said it was water damage ...
I've took it to the shop but it seems to be an easy job for someone willibg to do the job I think.