Cranked car to warm up, engine cut off. Tried to recrank but nothing happens. Radio, headlights and interior lights work.

handle used about 20 times in 10 year I owned this auto

also fuel injectors, 1,4

My power seats and windshield washers won't work. What fuse? 2006, 280C

I hit a curb and the piece that protects the body from road dirt and water came off. It's the shape of the wheel well and made of a kind of plastic I think.

its shows engine light and we just finish rebuilding it and the engine is vibrating

the dash is giving me a service signal with wrenches on it. Its saying that I need service in 300

How much should the repair cost to replace ignition switch and recode ignition switch and 2 keys including parts. I was told $998.00. Seems kinda high.

have oil sensor but can't located on outside of engine block or oil pan

the car acts sluggish i cleared the codes and check engine light but it came back again car also cuts of sometime in drive . it takes a long time to start

trans leaks and the pan gasket was replaces. Still leaks!

Can I change the fluid myself or use professional shop?

I have a c280 with 40,000 miles. While driveing or pulling away from a stop giving it gas. The car seem to be hung in a gear not sure which one. What could this be?

brake fluid light comes on periodically... i would like to add fluid myself.. where is it located?