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Last week changed the oil and filter with mobile 1 synthetic, noticed a milky foam on cap and cleaned the cap. Today sitting at a light I saw a small amount of steam coming from the hood. I found antifreeze leaking bu...
if not motor could it be lineage or just a screw
Today I went to pick up my car from the shop, it was originally in because the starter had failed, so I had it replaced... the total cost came out to be around $370 ,,, I thought it was bit too much but then again I'm...
why such a wide range in prices, what am i looking for? and engine mounts, how many mounts does this vehicle requires?
the on/off control does not start a/c, but if i hit a bump or sudden movement, it will start blowing air, just air. not hot nor cold
up untill 3weeks seats were working fine, then all of sudden it stopped
Cannot control the blower, it runs all the time and I need to pull the fuse when not driving. The blower also changes speed occasionaly. How much does the "final stage resistor cost?
no ac it blows hot air
Might this be power steering fluid ? If so How do I check the fluid level?
I have a little problem with the transmition and i scanner my car and came out code 715. Some people toldme that i need to buy the plack of the valvule sistem and the plug and put it and everything will be allright. C...
temp reaches 100 cenigrade,then the fan kicks on and turns slowly,whats wrong??