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They all quit at the same time last night. Checked the fuses any other ideas
no problems just wanting to know in order to prevent major financial and transportation (lack of)problems in the future...mine has 157,000
The car will start and then shut down immediately. I waited 10 or 15 minutes and it started fine and ran with no issues. I had just added a quart of oil and the car has 223,000 miles. I am using the extra flat key ...
I had a shop look at it but says its a motor , others say it's in circuit board w cracks in it . I checked both fuse locations in the front and trunk and nothing is blown out .
the ASR button on the dash is malfunctioning, what is its function
I could use a diagram of the fuse/relay box located under the hood and the description of what size/type of fuse or relay is used for.Thanks in advance for anyone helping.
I just noticed this the other day. Had to jump car and noticed that the odometer stayed on even with the key off and out of car. Is there a relay of some type that tells the instrument panel(odometer) that the ignitio...
i dont know what the lights mean help please
The car is in limp home mode. The transmission is leaking and it was thought it might be related to a check engine light being on. I took it to an auto parts store for a free scan, but their unit couldn't read it. ...
Where is the low side freon input where for the airconitioner. description/pic
The car settles down when the engine warms up.
My drivers side seat is electric w/ the switch in the door and it gets stuck. I found the part on line for $180!! Does anyone know how to install it???