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how do i check to see if the wire is plugged in?
I must turn the light switch past the diagram picture to work
Can not open trunh
at first the motor wasn't running then it hit a bump and turned on and now it won't turn off
Not a big issue on this, just want to make sure it remains a small problem. The high beam lever on the steering column works fine when you push it forward as it's supposed to, but when you pull it back toward you for ...
Replaced the lock and cylinder and a new battery.Turn the ignition on and the starter starts to engage than the lights on dash come on,than there is nothing.What could be the problem?
I hit a curb while trying to park and I need to replace the oil pan. Is there any way i can avoid doing this without using an engine lift, and if i need one, what do i have to disconnect from the engine if anything? T...
I hit a curb while trying to park and i put a whole in the oil pan. It needs to be replaced and I am trying to avoid going to a shop, I there any way that i can do this without lifting the engine with an engine lift? ...
tranny shifts up and then shifts back even when stepping on itr
There's nothing come out when I put the A/C on, but I always see water come out underneath the blower motor.
doesn't happen all the time. Once it sits over night, it starts right up.
I want to remove it so I can reupholster it
60litres covers only 300km.