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Can my head gaskets be replaced from another car or do they have to be rebuilt? ?
When I am at a stop, the car wants to stall and the lights dim. The battery light flashes on and off. Brand new battery 2 weeks ago after the mechanic ASSURED me it was not the alternator.
the lock cylinder is locked up,it wont turn
I have tried reconnecting and using key to lock and unlock doors and have tried unlocking and locking trunk. The alarm will not go off and allow me to start car.
undersids is covered with oil ,smokes after i turn engine off.l-2.8 with 177985 miles.where is the pcv valve located at on this engine?
Some time my Air Condition Control goes off went ,I am driving the it blows is not to hot but is not cold how suppost to be.I will like to fix that Thanaks.
please gine me details
the idle fluctuates up and down and some times it will be steady but mostly it keeps fluctuating,any advise would be appreciated ,what are the possible causes.
on the right hand side of the auto transmission there is a round cover that moves in and out when I push on it.how do I change this cover seal that is leaking.It looks like its held in with a circlip.
looking for an automotive school that fix cars
the srs light came on and wouldn't go out i don't know if it has something to do with a fuse, air bag or seat belt
The climate setting (digital is good) The volume doesn't change between setting 3 and 4 and it clicks off and on! I sense it could be the fusible link or fan resistor.