2.R tailight check neither of these are wrong on my car they work fine. How do i fix this?

Dash display shows park. Console shifter in park position. Car rolls forward and backward. No start.

first time

i drive car for 20 minutes, stop for 5 minutes. I try to restart, engine will not turn over. I hear no clicking or noise, but dash lights up. I wait 15 minutes car starts up?

Only during the cold winter months, the 2004 C240 has a morning starting problem. It sputters during the crank. When it starts, the car runs great and no problem restarting car. Now, in the morning, I turn the ignition on and let it sit for 15+ seconds and then start the car. So far, this has helped to start the car.

The automatic headlights are not working. The regular headlights work fine.