Problem just started recently. My windows won't roll down. Key won't even turn our control designated functions.

I started to hear that noise from the rear of my car , I set it in jack stands and put it in gear and it sounds like if the noise is coming out from the differential,but my body says it's one drive shafts bearings I'm confused.

I have a P0442 Evaporative emission system leak detected(small leak)
P0455 major leak in purge control system
And a P0221 throttle/pedal position switch b circuit range/performance
Thank you

inserting key
does not turn
turns engine does not start
turns engine starts instrument panel displays do not work

So I have a 2002 Mercedes C 240. It was going into limp mode every time I drove an hour to town. I took it to a specialist and they found lots of after market wiring and replaced all of that. Seemed to fix the problem so I drove home and then went back to town and the ABS, ESP, BAS lights all came back on. And it was in limp mode again. So I took it to the dealer and they put a brand new ESP module in the car. I have been driving it home and then the lights came back on when I got home. Then I went on vacation. I came back and the battery was dead. So we jumped it and let it charge for 2 hours. Then I was driving it around for about a month with no problems. And today I drove 35 miles no problem and by the time I got back home all the lights ABS, BAS and ESP all came on and it wont shift. Is this a battery problem?

Only get air out at feet and some off of top and side vents no matter where the air distribution is set. Checked fuses and vacuum which all seem good. Any help???

Stevie Ray1

When I start my C 240 it idles and runs rough, like a vibration, but when it warms up it smooths out. Could this be associated with fuel injectors not working properly until the oxygen sensors kick in at the higher temperature? I've changed plugs, plug wires; found a lose wire & thought that might be it but no luck (other wires are secure).

Replaced the bulbs and ordered and replaced the whole brake unit board still nothing got two tickets from the police and they tell me to fix it. Dont know where the problem it is my rear left brake light everything works on the pad or unit the one u put the bulbs in but just cant figure out the brake light.thanks