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I need new fuel pumps for my c240 Mercedes year 2001. The dealer wants close to $1700 and according to my research this is very high. Can someone please estimate the cost of parts for changing both fuel pumps and the ...
My vehicle is not moving, it starts well, but the accelerator pedal is not accelerating the car. I do not know where is the problem coming from; 2 mechanic checked, but were not able to find the problem
Before changing oil transmission was working normally
It smokes heavily when runing, with very black sooty smoke coming out of the exhaust. We have changed the oil and oil filters. but no way. Whats wrong and pls help. thanks
Where is the fuel pump located on a 2001 c240 mercedes
The engine would still be runing and the fan would start immediately, once u off the ignition and on it all the headlight would come again