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car is running heat on and when i try to direct it to center vents it wont blow out blower fan is working does okay if i push the ac or blue button by vents but only operates on ac only all push buttons seem okay
Car has a hard bounce in the rear. Feels like a lowrider at times.
A new battery has been installed and I cannot lock or unlock the car. Is their a relay that might be burnt, or a fuse.Also the heated seats are coming on and we cannot get them to go off..Help!
air condition works great, when the hot car is parked shortly, I get heat in 2 side air registers mixing with the cold air. when it happens I shut down the 2 registers and divert the cold air to the center registers b...
Where do I look on the engine to add antifreeze?
I want to know the best way with least resistance and the least amount of damage to the car
if it was an old rear wheel drive american car it would proably be the universal joint, what could it be in this car, the stomp in coming around front seat center i think. This is a knocking sound.
How do I turn the volume down on the radar detector?
When i start the car when its cold it starts great , after it gets warm its hard to start are won't start at all, I also have some transmission problems, could the two items be connected?
Can someone please tell me where the starter is located in my 93 Benz 500SEL
one of the ignition coils will not fire i replace it and still no spark.... help me somebody...
i need to recharge my AC. I purchased feon from autozon but the piece that fits on the charging nipple doesnt fit. THe niple on benz is too big. I surpose the input is the one on the driver's side when you open the ...