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The economy needle has gone from black all the way to red.
The car is locked and also the trunk and front of the car. Even still the alarm goes of at random times when the car is locked. How can i fix this issue?
as soon as the car run the abs ligth in the dash goes on. in reverse the car don't do that
This is the second set of injectors, 68k original car miles. How do I select new injectors that won't leak-down? Note: At 1500rpm if the front injector fuel lines are broken loose air escapes and upon retightening...
It looks like the clutch assembly failed, shifted, spewed oil, caught fire when grinding against a fitting. What do I need to concern myself with when replacing?
Can't get new relay to snap into the mating 10 pin assembly. Can't get the two notches on the relay inside the plastic holder.Do I need to remove the entire plastic holder (which houses 3 relays)? One of the 2 nuts s...
my ABS light goes on and off, I just had new brakes and wheels mounted, could this caused a problem with ABS? advise---I found the ABS computer, removed and replaced. I am a senior without a lot of funds, however; I ...
1986 Mercedes 420SEL. Have slight vibration coming from rear end.
All instruments, including speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature are not working. A/C works. Radio works. This just started. Could this be a fuse problem? What else can I check?
Car is a 1989. Left rear wheel canted outward.
need to know how to turn off lights in back seat and on door panels of 1987 420sel mercedes
took lights bulb out of rear window inside light also bottom door lights dont know how to turn them off
Am using the valve cover bolt and washers to extract pin. Don't know exactly how much torque to apply or how exactly the pin comes out. Don't want to break something