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Changed the plugs and wires due to skip this fixed it but VERY hard too start cold. This problem happens all the time
I am having trouble getting the bolt out and not sure what kind of threads I am working with. Don't want to damage the bolt or the crank shaft. Advise left or right? Thank you
Bought car a few months ago. Ran o.k. and passsed inspection....has 162,000 miles. Noticed a small coolant leak that was dripping from the drivers side corner of the radiator. It was apparrent the source was in anothe...
Car is not starting, may be the timing belt but need a diagram to locate it.
i need a diagram/directions on how to put my serpentine belt on my 1991 Mercedes 190E 2.6
I'm changing the rear disc brake pads on my 1991 Mercedes 190e. This is my first time. Does anyone have a site with photos showing the steps. On the inside of the disc there are 4 bolts, 2 smaller bolts near the edge ...
Any recommendations on what are the best tire for my 190E Mercedes Benz.
car won't shift out of first gear
i'm just not sure where the power steering fluid goes. there is a cylinder with a lid and screw off cap on the right side of the engine but it doesn't say anything.