Kia Soul Problem Report

Kia Soul Manual transmission difficult to shift into 1st gear

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The manual transmission may be difficult to shift into 1st gear. Our technicians tell us that a revised shifter lower skirt is available to correct this concern.

difficult to get into first gear at times. put in neutral and release clutch. push clutch again and now will usually go into first gear -
same trouble of shifting into first. -
Shifting into first from a standstill, or downshifting from third to second, or second to first, can be very difficult. Transmission selector does not want to shift into the desired gear until you are crawling, even with the clutch down all the way. -
my clutch went at 20000 miles and the flywheel, they said warranty wouldn't cover it !!! 1500 dollar repair !!! and ive driven stick for 30 years and never had a clutch go ever.... -
My 2011 kia soul sticks when shifting into first and also when i try to shift into reverse. One of theses days its not going to go and i will get hit from behind! kia cant replicate the problem and has told me its driver error.... -
I could be at a light and ready to take off, and it doesn't seem to want to go into first, even with the clutch all the way down... -
same issue though found out this is a worn bearing and linkage in gearbox , don't know if warranty covers this hope so only had car 5 weeks, KIA taken car in though can't tell me if covered. -
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