Chrysler Town & Country Problem Report

Chrysler Town & Country Erratic Operation of Front Windshield Wipers

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A malfunctioning switch in the steering column can cause the front windshield wipers to self-activate or not turn off. A failed windshield switch will require replacement.

Since getting into an accident 7 years ago the wipers became intermittent never really turning off. this continues today to turn them off I must unplug them. and plug them in when needed. replaced steering column switch several times to no solution. found a report today the steering column switch needs to be from 97-98 even though 97 through 2003 are the same 98 thru 2003 has a minor circuit variance that causes issues. we will try to rescue a 97-98 column switch. -
I can open the door and the wipers activate intermittently. left turn signal doesn't work. replacced switch with known working and no changes. -
Chrysler Town & Country : Malfunctioning Switch in Steering Column May Cause Problems With Front Wipers -
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