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Nissan Maxima Leaking power steering pump can cause noise/steering problems

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If the power steering pump develops leaks, it can drip onto the lower control arm bushing causing the bushing to deteriorate. A knocking noise will be heard when driving over bumps and it may become more difficult to control the vehicle.

car knocks over small bumps. sounds like motor mount broken. then issue with power steering fluid leaking. steering was getting difficult. heard a whirring sound. reservoir looked ok but I drained it and added new ATF. works fine now. no whirring but leaking still and still knocking over bumps. -
Bought my Nissan Maxima new on 8/25/2012. In the last week, had a steering problem. Took it to the dealer, diagnosed it as a malfunction power steering pump. The pumps are BACK ORDERED at Nissan. This is a disgrace for a car with very little milage. I would expect a better product for Nissan and a Maxima. Very disappointed with Nissan. -
leaking fluid, was told it was power steering pump. Parts and labor to replace $575 -
Power steering pump, pressure hose, and return hose are all leaking onto serpentine belt and power steering belt, causing rattling/motor noise and requiring replacement of all these parts. PepBoys initially estimated approx. $1250. -
steering is extremely difficult at startup -
Noticed a sound from the front end when I started the car. Increased in volume over time and became very noticeable at low speeds. A very loud "whirring" sound that could be heard by people near the vehicle and the driver/passenger(s) in the vehicle. Then I noticed fluid in the driveway. Took the car to Nissan dealership and was told I needed a power steering line and control arm. Will be picking up the car today. With diagnostics and inspection, bill came to $832. -
power steering has been leaking for a long time now. -
Steering becomes difficult when backing up and turning at slow speeds as in parking. Previous to this(in warranty period)radiator hose was replaced for a leak and a few weeks later the radiator needed to be replaced as it was also leaking and a couple months after that the fan motor for the heating/cooling inside car. Took the car in when needing fan replacement and told them about the difficulty steering at random times when parking and backing up and dealer said could fine nothing wrong. Now occurs with a groaning type noise on a pretty constant basis and of course is out of warranty. I now call it the Nissan Less-ima. -
Leaking oil. Might be a tumler or something else.Replaced upper intake gasket valve cover gaskets and its leaking again. Dont know why. The steering is loud and knocks hitting bumps or turning the wheel. Headlights are light not matter what. Replaced them several times. My name is Rickie and i would like to get it fixed or find solutions on fixing the issues -
Power steering fluid leaks -
It's not fixed cause along with the bad transmission and engine oil leak, the used car dealer weasels out of fixing it and i can't afford to have it all fixed as my car payments are rolling in. B&D auto sales ripped me off really bad!!! -
Power steering is leaking -
Power steering leak bad bushigs -
Power steering pump went on my new Maxima - had to wrestle to turn my wheel in the snow nearly killing myself and passenger. brought car to dealership fixed it under warranty. sucks. -
no diagnosis except i brought it in to complain about it leaking and the dealer said it was fine (power steering fluid) awhile later (yesterday) i was almost killed as i'm traveling down the freeway going to work and the car started to sway left to right, and finally gave out and the sterring no longer worked and the car veered directly into the center median twice (shouldn't have made it out of this violent collision)---but the steering was gone and it went into the median.... -
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