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The knocking noise seems to last just a few seconds after the start up but then quiets down.
The fold in feature doesn't work as well. It folds in but wont stay in.
4 ways come on and keep blinking. I think it may be the anti theft system. I need to know how to disable it or over ride it. The code that came up is P01000 even. Any help would be great. Thanks.
When I turn over the ignition the engine will fire for a few seconds and die. I used my OBDII tool and it's giving the following codes,P0120,P0123,P0223 and P0103. I've sprayed cleaner on the MAF and checked the conne...
engine light on and i have to push hard on the gas then it jerks into gear and tran pro failure message come on . codes: P0730, P0733 and something about its goes into limp mode
what is the manufacturer's mileage recommend to change the timing chain, water pump and chain tensioner?
Trying to avoid paying $200 for diagnosis at shop to tell me its a $10 hose. Is this common with this truck to leak and how likely is it that it's the radiator? No crack in reservoir or top hoses visible. Also, will i...
I just brought my Range Rover to have the water pump fixed and the battery replaced. The check engine light went on after driving it for an hour. My dad hooked up the OBD scanner and the code 1173 came up. What exa...
My repair shop (not the dealer) thinks it is a sensor but cannot figure out which one it is. Mine has switched into 4th gear on the highway upon these error codes.
Hi - How many labor hours it akes to install a new transmission. I am trying to compare costs of rebuit or buying a remanufactured and installing it. Thanks!
How much will it cost to repair transmission for 2004 HSE model - it shifts hard during the first gear when takes off.
help diagnosing obd2 codes
Hi, it seems the transmission had hard shift on 1st gear, please advise
How much is Strut/Shock Absorber Replacement - Front - One Side