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so i notice my temp gauge was reading red and the engine overheat signal came on. i immediatley pulled over and had it towed to a land rover dealership. they said it was my thermastat that went bad and it would cost 6...
Do I need a simple oil change with new filter or is there another problem? I see the oil coming from the top of the oil filter housing. I did notice that the oil was very low when I checked the dip stick.
2003 range rover error msg saying trans fail safe prog how to fix it
What is he estimated time it takes to replace the right rear wheel bearing hub?
At varies times while driving the tailend will shimmy, vibrate and feel like I am riding on rough terrain.
could anyone help with this trouble code P1700 and also the cause.Also of a faulty output shaft speed sensor.i would like to know the cause and how it could be fixed.