I'm in Pagosa Springs, Co and have no clue where to go to get it checked out

in the fluid and it has turned to a pink type liquid. Yhe check engine light has come on.

Sometime when I push on the brakes the pedal stops at midway...other times I have to push it almost to the floor. When the pedal stops midway the longer I have my foot on the pedal it will eventually go all the way to the floor. Cause and cure?

I have a 99 Range rover. I'm seriously considering purchasing a chunkier tire for the truck. Like general tire grabber or nitto terra grappler. They have thicker treading. My concern is if go up a size(current tire is 255/55-18) in height will that have a negative effect with the tire touching or rubbing against the tire well?

I just purchased a used 99 Range Rover. Im not crazy about the EAS on it. I like my Suv to have some height.
Would it be wise to invest in spring coils? And if so would it lead any errors/problems with system. Basically what are pros and cons of EAS or Coil spring susp.
Thanks for any advise!