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Truck every morning and several times a day when starting has to crank several times before it will catch and run. Once or twice a month it will act like there is no starter and I have to unplug the battery and wait a...
I have undone the 3 bolts. it moves etc but I cant get it past what appears to be a mount at the rear....is there a 'knack'to getting it off??
the car can be drove for an hour or days without it stalling then suddenly with no warning it will stall usually when braking or slowing down at a junction also the fuel gauge doesn't always read the amount of fuel in...
is there some on on the beach can do the work an i pay for parts
it run hot all the time
I'm looking to buy a 98 Range rover land rover but not sure what a single cam is or if it's the proper engine for the vehicle.
no codes transfer case just stop working, transfer is in neutral,when put in gear transmiision go s but transfer is not working
remove &replace clock