I've change fluid and filter. It doesn't smell burnt when pan was off everything looked really clean. It shifted better for 3 months after I done that but after I added just a little bit of tranny fluid bc it has a slow leak and went right back to shifting at almost 4000 rpms and is down shifting really hard What else can I do or check without having professional help I've let out the little bit of fluid I added to it thinking i might have overfilled it but it didn't fix it. How does it go from not shifting properly to shift really good for 3 months then right bk to shifting like it was b for changing fluid and filter

But when u pull off she fills like its missing but then she run great after u get off the stop persion like a red lite. i change spark plugs change wirers and cap change oil change serpintine belt and it happens all the time

i need to know where the realy for the starter