The key will not turn to open driver & pass doors. Rear right passenger door can't open from outside & with child safety on, it won't open from inside. Rear window does not close completely. Pls help

replace the coil pack 3 times it runs good for a wile but keep going bad, the coil pack i mean. what could be causing this . plus is giving me a p1471 reading as well should i replace the airflow sensor

I can turn blinker on and want work,you can hear a humming noise.I had flasher checked and the man said it was good

I have had air flow sensors replaced, gas cap is fine .

What can be some of the main cause of vechile running hot ?

from the top to the bottom between the engine and transmission at idle speed only.

The cilynders are numbered#1#3#5. The coils and the spark plug wires at # 1 and #3 positions seem to be out of order. What is the correct coil fireing order, as it is mounted from the timing belt side 1-3-5 , or 3-1-5?karl

it set code p0171 and p0174

Have a 2002 Freelander HSE with 90,000 miles. The Service Engine light was on and there was a significant decrease in acceleration. Took it to a local mechanic who said that the catalytic converters needed to be replaced. Replaced both including 4 oxygen sensors. Could not clear code P1471 and occasionally P1472. Replaced Mass Airflow Sensor. Code P1471 still would not clear. Removed engine cover, including the intake air filter. Car ran great, no problems. P1471 code cleared and service engine soon light stayed off. Replaced the air filter with a high performance air filter, attached to the Mass Air Flow Sensor. This seemed to solve the problem for approximately 20 miles and then the Service Engine light came back on. What's the problem? Can you help?

Cannot find the dip stickk or where to add transmission fluid...

turn signals work only intermittently makes a zzzzt noise when it doesnt and drags the engine down..have checked battery, fuses, replaced turn signal/light

Hello my 2002 land rover with only 80,000, miles check engine light keeps coming on with several codes from 001 through 007. the codes say it has a misfire, air induction, and fuel mixture problems. It just had an oil change and runs great. Also when I first start and drive it in the morning it shifts very hard coming out of first. I've only owned the car for 2 months. It has a sealed automatic tranny. I think that the car just needs a tune up and tranny service. I don't know a lot about cars or of any good mechanics that have knowledge and will do work on a car like this without feeding me bs or charging me an arm and a leg please get back to me