running and stop make a noise and shake and what can I do ?

Had the power steering pump and the serpent belt replaced. Motor was oily from power steering fluid, so I washed it. Started right up, ran a little rough, only drove it about 1 mile. The next time it was driven it died and after about 1 hour started back up. It will run for about 6 minutes and shuts down again. It repeatedly does this. It takes about 1 hour before you can get it to start back up. Have replaced the fuel pump, the cam position sensor and the crank position sensor and it still does the same thing. I'm sure that it is an electrical problem, but don't know where else or what else to do. Dos any one know of a solution or what the problem may be.

it runns good otherwise

exhaust has two front and two rear sensors...........

After starting the engine water seepage from left end top radiotor inlet.

I recently last few months replaced plugs. any ideas on what the cause may be?

Replaced all four o2 sensors, and all codes are still there?

for some reason I cant open the car door with the key . I have been away for a week and it seems the battery may have died but how can I get the bonnet/hood open to charge the battery if I cant get in the car? why on earth would the key locks be battery operated? is there a way to override?