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Wood the 1997 front shaft fit the front shafts for 2000 land rover disco.'s 1&2?
I have a 1999 Land Rover which I just bought. Ran fine until it blew a fuse (which we changed) hasn't been running hardly at all since. I can start it somedays but wouldn't trust it to drive. The check engine light is...
It seems ok when I let it run and then it starts smoking
The control on the steering column will not engage.
Please help have problems with over heating .please help.
fault code PO307 appears after 30 min travel
With my truck turned off the dipstick reads over full. I start it and run it and then check the fluid level while running and it reads empty on the dipstick. I keep pouring in fluid and I can here a sound in the dipst...
About two weeks ago my truck ran hot and started to smoke looked under the hood seen coolant spitting from the heater plate on the throttle body and noticed a nice size puddle of coolant on the ground changed the heat...
stays cool when idle but when I drive about 2 miles it runs hot and I hear some knocking and see smoke on the driver side of the engine.
My car run hot and I do not know why. I changed the thermastat. Do you think it may be the water pump or radiator. My car runs fine besides it runs hot.
I have no heat no climate controll can some help
hello my automatic doors will lock but will not unlock. help what is wrong!
Torque spec's for the Head / Intake on a land rover dicovery 4.0 Lt.? Also the sequence?