Kia Optima Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 3, 2016

The right front axle driveshaft may crack and fail, separating from the vehicle. This could result in loss of vehicle control and a crash. This could also allow the vehicle to roll away when parked if the parking brake is not applied.

RepairPal Expert Overview on April 21, 2016

The driver's frontal air bag assembly may not deploy with proper dual stage force in an accident due to a special chemical enhancer required not being loaded with the module. As a result, passengers have an increased risk of injury.

RepairPal Expert Overview on April 1, 2013

Kia is recalling these vehicles because the stop light switch can fail resulting in loss of brake light operation and may experience other electrical concerns.

RepairPal Expert Overview on January 13, 2012

Due to high resistance in the airbag electrical circuit, in the event of a crash, the driver's airbag may not deploy as expected.

RepairPal Expert Overview on March 3, 2011

The shifter may move into the "Park" position when the transmission is not actually in "Park." If the vehicle is left in this condition without the parking brake engaged, the vehicle could roll away or crash, potentially injuring someone.

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