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My trooper keeps popping out of 2wd and going into neutral. Then it makes a constant grinding noise untill I can come to a complete stop, put it in park, and shift it back into 2wd. When keeping pressure on the transf...
My Power Winter Switches are not functioning. I would like to replace them but am not sure how to remove them from my console. Can someone tell me how?
Front tires try to kick into 4wd and chatter and won't go im
Have replaced tires and shocks and had my local service guy check ball joints etc, but he says all is good. I know something is wrong, I have had car from new. Any ideas would really help. Thanks, Mark
Just need to know which solenoid is which, how to tell because there exactly the same .. 2002 isuzu trooper 3.5L 2wd
Would you know where one is? One where I won't get ripped off cuz I'm a girl!!
I has been remove cylinder head for done the valve job ,after put everything back,the engine wonn't run ,should be wrong camshaft timing mark,my question want to know shall be damage the valve or not (The compression ...
what is code p-1870 no dtc?
what is the recommended working temperature of the oil in the gear (auto transmission)? what is the minimum temp and the max temp?
Every once in a while my trooper ( fuel injected 2002 ) will rough idle when stopped or in park then engin stalls. It restarts right away but then stalls again. It stays running after several attempts at restart when ...
One morning my car would not start, so I got a jump. I drove it 5 miles, shut it off, and it wouldnt start like there was no power in the battery. Got a jump, it started, at this point I was thinking alternator. ...
Tune up for this vehicle cost
is there a dipstick on this vehicle ? where is it located.