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99 isuzu trooper 4x4.my car starts right away but asoon.as.i start to drive it the idol goes crazy up n down n after 5 minutes it goes completely off there's power windows work radio work n everything even if I turn...
The other day my wife told me that my trooper was overheating on the way home. When I check the radiator it was empty, but the over flow was full. My first thought was that the thermostat had gone bad. So I changed ...
wear do i locate the ground earth strap
it started to overheat I have oil and fan is working has antifreeze don't know what's going on it got so hot started leaking some rust color liquid from engine area what could be the problem
Iam in Australia and own tech 2 in auto business and want to reprogram Isuzu
I need a piece of the linkage. It's a plastic arm about 2-2 1/2" long with clips on both ends. Since parts are no longer in production anyone know where I can get a used one? Where do other Isuzu owners get their p...
where can i get the software update and a reprogrammer for my trooper. think i'm getting false codes, i hear that this is a problem
change maf,plug to it checked volts,dont know
I can push into a heated garage and after 2 hours it will start within 3 seconds. this is the 4th time/event. Battery/ starter/fuel pump/compression/plugs all ok. I have added "heet" to gas. NO check engine light goes...
car idles fast and have tried everything ,was showing codes of P0300,P0174
Just put on new MAF sensor and now this code is showing. Whats up
Can both these codes be caused by the mass air flow sensor
I was past down my grandfathers 99 isuzu trooper with 87,000 miles on it but im not sure what is wrong with and it been sitting for at least 2 to 3 yrs and wantedto know if it is worth fixing or getting rid of it... i...
what type of freon do I need to recharge the a/c system.
i am trying to change my spark plugs and need help