when start up ac cools then after short time ac lights flicker and engine hunts(up &down)

When I step in the accelerator hard I blow back a dark cloud of black smoke, what does this mean, and the muffler rattles noisily but then it calms down, can I skip or bypass the catalytic convertor without bad things happening?

I recently replaced the timing belt, because a tensioner was bad, put a new battery on it, and the problem started. It starts it runs but the second it drops below 1500rpm it switches off. it does not matter if its standing still or moving. HELP!

while slowing down after 50kms,if applying clutch for slowing down from 100mile speed to 30/35 mile speed,the engine always getting off. if we starts it again, it works and repeats same problem two three times. Then it is ok for another run up to some more kms & shows "check engine".No starting complaints ever experienced.speedo meter not working. no other complaints. help me with your valuable advice. Hari, Muscat.

It lost all pull from the transmission, wouldn't go when gas pedal was pressed
When trooper is cranked up it barely idles and sputters.

service light is flashing,motor runs ruff at a idel or driving

or is it something else

'97 Isuzu Trooper 4 WD


when 4 wheel drive is engaged the front drives spin but dont turn the wheels strange grinding nice from right front wheel

The rear running lights went out and we can't figure it out we've done everything. Even splicing into all kinds of wires.

how much does it cost to replace a fuel pump in 97 isuza trooper?

Transmission: Manual
What causes dragging on the under carriage even with a new pressure plate and clutch disc?It occurs when going upgrade on first gear, it also vibrates on any gear every time I slowdown and accelerate..

Check engine light goes off and comes on and it seems to be related to when I put gas in the car. (Not always but too many times to be a coincident). Any ideas on how my putting gas in the car can affect the check engine light going on or off?

I have a 1997 Tooper with 160,000 miles and have only changed the starter in 2001 and tuned it up in 2009. My question is as I was driving the a/c stopped working, no blower no hot or cold air no warning at all, then the next day it started cold air and all. I had no previous problem with it. Please help.
Thanks for your time