1996 Isuzu Trooper Questions

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What i do next ?

I need advice on re-aligning the headlight.
The left headlight points higher than the right headlight.

I turn the A/C and Heater knobs and the dash and nothing happens. The blower doesnt even turn on. Any suggestion will be helpful.

The engine clicking the mechanic told me that the oil pressure is low. this is what causes the clicking noise how can I fix this problem.

Just started doing this when I hit 40 to 50 mph, not sure what it could be. Any ideas? Also, it idels at a high rpm an takes a little time to gain speed. Slightly shakes, an when I push on the brake pedal it does like a shutter almost.

I drove 40 miles & the suv burned 2 miles

the valve are ticking & the suv eats oil when I drive it 20 miles about 2 quarts

does anyone have advice for freeing a stuck clutch plate ?

i can't imagine more bleeding will do any good , clutch is stiffer than a brake . can anyone tell me what's wrong ?

when it is pushed to floor gears start to grind . master cylinder was below min. level . filled it with fluid but still no resistance . do i just need to bleed it ?it has come close to doing this before after sitting all night but pumping the clutch and driving it always brought it back . it sat all night this time also , no sudden clutch release . thank you !!!!!

while at a red oil hand drops to zero rpms bounce between 1 and zero temp guage goes from cool to hot in minutes after driving maybe 15 miles it wasnt till i actually found the power steering leak that it started overheating

Got a used 96 Trooper 2 months ago. Running pretty good then one day couldn't start the engine. First I changed the battery. Seemed like that was the problem, then after a week, same problem. I turn the key, it started to crank, then it died.The dashboard went dim, then no power. Waited 20 minutes, crank the key,power came back but it won't rev the engine. Can hear fuel pump working. Might be alternator or starter. Has anyone gone through this?

I can manually shift vehicle, but when in d feels like it its in 3rd or 4th gear. Under load, the cab's voltmeter dips below 12v, dash and other electricals dim, but returns to normal after taking foot off of accelerator. Other boards suggest electrical; i'm thinking alternator. I haven't been able to get a code reader to it yet.

My check engine light just came on. It is code P1442. Just wondering if someone could shed some light onto this. Also, My car has been running a little hotter than usual. I had to replace my heater core and water pump this past winter. It fixed the problem with running hot, but it recently just started to start happening again.