Radio antenna. Base into motor, plastic smooth or toothed?? Thanks

Is there any thing besides the clutch that could cause this

The clutch pedal Is almost fully released before I get any movement,
The slave cylinder is full is there any thing else to check b before replacing THE entire clutch.
Right now the 1994 Trooper has approximately 159,000 miles

High engine power

This happens when coming onto the freeway and climbing hills. It has come on suddenly and running the air conditioner has big impact on the problem. New plugs were put in and did a compression test.

we have replaced one battery and the new one died after one day. the intrument panel will flash on and off like there is a short circut of some kind. if you rev the engine it will stop doing it.

what could be going on?

I found a new aftermarket tank online for $130 for the Trooper. Would kind of labor hours and cost would I be looking at for replacement?

I have trouble starting the engine on my trooper when cold, once it starts and warms up, if i press the gas pedal in park or neutral, it feels ok, but once i put it in drive, and accelerate, it would choke and sometimes it would even back fire thru the air intake, not the exhaust, until it reaches 2000 rpm, then it feels o.k.
Also the gas consumption is increased almost double that it used before.
I put in a new TPS, spark plugs,and wires, and clean the ideal air valve.
Please help.

I can hardly get to the wires to remove them. I have read to put it on a lift but I have no access to a lift.

have changed crank and cam sensors, module, coils, all 3 computers. Had it to 3 shops and nothing. Can u help me

Truck all of a sudden turned off and is hard to start. Once it starts idle is rough and does not have enough power to move. Replaced fuel filter but did not help. It has alot of white smoke coming out of tail pipe. No check engine light on. Just started this today. Please help!