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we have replaced one battery and the new one died after one day. the intrument panel will flash on and off like there is a short circut of some kind. if you rev the engine it will stop doing it. what could be going...
I found a new aftermarket tank online for $130 for the Trooper. Would kind of labor hours and cost would I be looking at for replacement?
Hello I have trouble starting the engine on my trooper when cold, once it starts and warms up, if i press the gas pedal in park or neutral, it feels ok, but once i put it in drive, and accelerate, it would choke and ...
I can hardly get to the wires to remove them. I have read to put it on a lift but I have no access to a lift.
have changed crank and cam sensors, module, coils, all 3 computers. Had it to 3 shops and nothing. Can u help me
Truck all of a sudden turned off and is hard to start. Once it starts idle is rough and does not have enough power to move. Replaced fuel filter but did not help. It has alot of white smoke coming out of tail pipe....
was working saturday sunday am was going to store turn off had to put gas all the way down be for no need to low r.p.m will not move new fuel filter
was told front wheel bearing were bad, $500.00 to fix parts & labor do not have $ would like step by step on replacing front wheel bearing on my 4x4 trooper. it has automatic locking hub, illustration would be better....
very rough idle cold, won't rev up, no throttle response, smells like unburned fuel, suddenly may idle ok. no check engine light. will almost die. good cranking speed. been slow to start.
need step by step on how to replace and replace front wheel bearings on 4x4 Trooper?
What is the average cost to rebuild a 94, Trooper 2.5 engine, replacing timing belt, cam, oil pump, cam shaft, pistons, all bearings and all gaskets?