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what would cause a rough idle what would cause lost oil to the tone of 2 quarts every 4 days w
Very cold about year ago car started ended up with fuel in oil. Took to shop drain And new oil added. Now reduced power light comes on occasionally and goes into limping mode. When check engine light on cruise don't w...
I ordered belts from multiple auto parts but they keep getting the one with 191 teeth and my old one has 219 teeth what do I do?
Used transmission placed in my old 2004 Rodeo. Looking at a ballpark as to how much I will pay for labor.
Original problem was "Check Engine" light & "Check Trans" light appeared on the dashboard. 4wd was working fine 2 days before it went in for repair. New TCM was installed in 2007 and has worked fine since, so this s...
The vehicle still runs but it sounds terrible. I need a diagram of where the timing marks should be on the head covers.
I'm at a loss, service station says wiring is good, but code says low voltage. Cranks but will not start, where shoul I look next?
Im getn code p1239 n sometimes 0172. I have read the post and just want to make sure it my fuel pump or is it the throttle body?
I need to replace all T.C. or I need to replace some parts or what could be the solution? How often I have to check T.C. fluid? How much could be cost?(130000 milles on it)
While I love my Rodeo, I really wish I'd gotten a more common vehicle. I've got about 200k on this baby and it still runs pretty good but CEL has been on for awhile, ABS pops on from time to time (usually goes away i...
this has happened 3 times on hills one machnice said it was fule enjecktion another said its a part that cost $800. what do i do?
Lost my wheel lock key need replacement