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My 2003 Isuzu v6 Rodeo engine locked up. I found a 2000 model and I was told I would have to use the Original intake and throttle body. Is this true?
replaced fuse then runs momentarily and blows fuse again
needing new brakes, but otherwise all good on car
Shows no sign of leaking oil and does not have any smoke when going down the road.
I recently got the brake fluid flushed, but need to know if other things need to be done to keep the vehicle driving well.
my mechanic has reset lights but on test drive lights appear again along with power reduction, believes it is a short...suggestions??? Thanks, Ross
where is my freeze plugs located at
i cannot open the passenger front door from the outside
i still have 1000 miles to go before my next oil change, my truck recently started smoking from the tail pipe and under the hood a little...help
My wife's 03 Rodeo won't currently disengage from being in 4 high. Two nights ago I could not get it to engage in 4wd until we came to a complete stop, I put the vehicle in park, and I could then hear it engage. The ...
Recently, I took my 2003 Isuzu to the mechanic for my 100,000 mile check up. They informed me that soon I'll need to remove and replace both my front and rear differential. They quoted me $700-800 for parts and labo...