The light on dash flickered. Now my windows don't work, wipers don't work and is now stuck in 4wd. The 4wd indicator is not on but is in 4wd, any clue as to what is wrong?

Got warm and no gears would catch at all.

Battery light, brake light, oil light, check engine light and reduced power light on. Battery won't hold a charge will only start when jumped but dies in a few seconds. Car won't go when gas pedal is pressed speedometer and odometer don't work. Please help!

Battery light oil light and brake light came on while driving car will only start with a jump but dies 10 secs later. Battery and starter are new

Loss of power car doesn't wanna go. Pulled in my drive way put the car in park pressed the gas and my gauges don't move. I just had my battery and starter replaced.

Starts up when cold no prob. After its been driven and have to start it up any time after the initial start up it will start and shut off immediately. Have to pump the gas petal and sometimes it has to be done more then once to start again. Starter has been replaced new battery

Even after I filled the gas tank it's always reading empty and the gas light is blinking what sensor do I need to repair and how much do you think it would cost?

2000 isuzu Rodeo turn off after turn on for a while...how fix it.?

thank a lot

cruising 60mph rpms jump way up pull over wont go out lower gears 20 mph tops fluid level fine

And how would I go about that? What is the procedure?

Sometimes when we come to a complete stop and start to go when we step on the gas it starts to go but very slowly and then so the sudden picks up normal. Took it to a garage and they said to do a drain and fill but they were unable to do that bc the fluid smells like e3 they added trans fluid but said to take it to a transmission shop bc it could be a band.