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Seems to happens only when I start it and sounds like I'm ready to run a drag race,it calms down when I pull the connector next to the iac valve. I am getting a code for map sensor
Can a 2000 Rodeo with the computerized ride control system be converted to conventional shock absorbers?
Where is the release pin to allow the lock cylinder to come out?? I had to start my car with a screwdriver at the beach cause I lost my keys....woops! I hope I didn't do any further damage.. Anyone know where this pin...
truck has high idle at start up. sometimes runs hot. drives good until warmed up then when brake to stop engines dies out. Starts up again but runs really rough.every time brake hard she dies out. I just changed the t...
did this blow my circuit or what it wont start at all
When I put it in reverse it vibrates and hard to turn wheels
Looking for a mechanic who can replace the engine in my Rodeo at a cost effective price.
when making a right turn steering wheel went limp, tires not responding