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The other day at a red light the vehicle shut down, in trying to restart I got nothing not a sound. AAA came and tested the battery which was fine. My mechanic is baffled, he manually stated the vehicle and checked th...
I have a 99 rodeo an I put a timing belt on an reset the timing but now it will turn over slowly like the battery need charging but it a new battery if anyone can tell me anything I thank you.
I have checked the fuses. I didn't find one that was out. The fan is working or blowing. My A/C compressor turns on. It's very cold and I have run the engine to warm the car.
Of your vehicle? The noise is in the front left side.
while driving down the road the radio flashes off then comes back on at the same time the air bag light starts to flash and the dash gauges all stop working does anyone know what would cause this to happen?
Transmission slipping under moderate torque
how o ou change the fuel gauge and do you need to change the sensor as well?
how o ou change the fuel gauge and do you need to change the sensor as well?
There is no spots under the Rodeo of oil leak and it is not smoking from the exhaust. It may occur after maybe 300-400 miles. When the oil gets low the Check Engine light flashes but doesn't stay on.
It started running rough and now won't run more than 5-10 mph. It seems to have a dead spot in the throttle and have changed the TPS sensor even though ALL sensors are reading good. It cranks and idles a little roug...
Purchased this vehicle over this past weekend man tells us that it has weak battery shows dated 2005 ok. 1999 Isuzu Truck Rodeo 4WD 3.2L MFI DOHC 6cyl; we try to drive home and wow stops running. Check battery 11.4vo...
I have a 1999 isuzu rodeo i have fuel pouring out from in back of the engine when its runing its hard to tell were its coming from any ideal were it cause be coming from....
Truck runs well other than the check engine light and the loss of mpg.