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The part in question has a plastic piece on the hose that secures it. It is also located below the altenator.
Hasn't worked since I got it 6 months ago. Previous owners replaced fuel pump, so that's less than a year old. Suddenly, after filling up yesterday, (I always fill completely every 300 miles), the needle goes up and i...
This only happens when I turn left.
integrated in the valve cover !! and if valve is bad ,,, you know engine burning oil because a bad pcv valve ,,,, i have to replace the whole valve cover !!! do you guys know if this is true ??? the cover price is ov...
I turn the key and get a ticking sound but then turn the key again and it will start! And once it is started the brake and battery light will flicker!
Can please someone see if they can send me information regarding the replacement of an ECM for a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo LS with a 3.2 liter engine. The issue seem to have gone like this: I broke down with my car then I had ...
I have had fuses checked 2 times and they are all good . what do I do now. I cant drive at night due to no baack lights
Then the break light to look under hood and see the belt and small pulley is broken. I just don't no or how much it. will be to fix.