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i just replaced the master clutch cylinder and the slave clutch cylinder as well the whole complete clutch. the problem is that when i drive it for a long while it loses engaging power. i think something is not allowi...
the old girls got 267,000 ml. On her. I hauled her out to AZ. from TN. & when I unloaded it I noticed a small spot of what looked like hydraulic fluid on the ground. Right below the transmission. Looked around for wer...
This morning it won't start. Seems like it wants to, but doesn't fire up. When running it seems OK at high rpms, but when more power is needed for going uphill for example, it misfires.
it will vibrate bad around 2000 rpm let off it stops vibrating or push through it it stops i'm wondering if it could be a cam or crank bushing going out it has 216,000 miles on it
I have recently lost my car keys. I went to a locksmith to attempt to have replacement keys made; I was told I needed a key code which could only be accessed at the Isuzu dealership requiring my vehicles VIN number. I...
steam came out of the center vents and floorboard on right side wet
there is a grey box under panel when the right signal is turned on it buzzes. what do i need to make right signal work this is blocking my inspection. the emergemcy flasher works fine.just not the rt. turn signal.
I found left turn signal fuse but i can't find the one for the right turn signal
Checked all fuses, relays, etc. Still no power. Even tried a different radio. Any suggestions?