other gears are fine... we had this problem before with our ford Taurus and it was due to a leak we sealed the leak but the car ultimately gave up on us anyway. how else can we fix a gear shifting issue? or is it most definitely the transmission?

4 wheel drive 3.2.I need to access a leak on the manifold crossover pipe :( :P


Battery and alternator both test fine. Replaced alternator. Wires all look good. What else could it be?

Putting Rodeo back on road.Keep fluids in and used a mechanic didnt know much about. He got me for$600. and the rodeo is worse than when he first looked at it.Over 200, miles asked him to change timing (double over head cam)Well timing was suppose to be done,fuel pump change because it was parked,antifreeze changed,plugs,oil,air breather changed,seafoam,lucus oil,supposely gas tank was cleaned with chemical & rocks? Idk thats what we were told.My wife took it less than a quarter mile it kept dying.Frustrated need this vehicle.I am disabled in nursing hm wife needs it safe to drive to come see me and have for grocery shopping & drs appointments.Everyone tells us its not worth fixing but we truly love it and has been dependable.If it can be fix reasonable we would like to!Please can we get a honest estimate from a good mechanic that backs his work by 100% and reputation. Henry Lejeune

Have no power to the car but hear a beeping under the passenger dash board lots of plugs and the top one seems to b the beep. No idea if its just a fuze but I really need help.. any advice aprecciated. Hear noise wen I turn hey to acc or on position. Thank u

Yes I am just curious what this information light means on my 1994 Isuzu Rodeo it is the ra Anti lock light. I don't have an owners manual for my suv to check it out for myself, is it for like the abs system or is my Rodeo equipted with abs or I'd that light for a factory alarm on the car?? Any info will be very helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!!