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I'm not sure if it could be welded or what other vehicles are compatible for that engine, 3.1.thanks
When trying to come to a stop the brake pedal didn't mash, a stiff-hard pedal, vechile kept moving as if I wasn't trying to stop.
the rear axle had started leaking and i was told it was the seals and bearings, it was, and now i opened up the diff only to find that the pinion shaft lock bolt has been snapped
is there a way to do a rear axle bearing and oil seal with c-clips on the axle with out opening the differential to pull the axle?? can i pull the axle without removing the c-clips? i see 4 bolts attached to the brake...
c-clips on the rear axle. i took the differential cover off and was going to remove the pinoin shaft but i broke the lock bolt with the pin still in the shaft. how do i get the broken bolt and pin out.
Im trying to get this 92 isuzu rodeo v6 3.1 4x4 (with 130,000 miles)going for my son.about 4 months ago we jumped started it(bad battery) and we took it to the gas station and put about 6-10gal of fresh fuel in it(had...
Does anyone have a copy of the driver door locking mechanism on a 1992 isuzu rodeo? Thanks, Steve
my rear is making a popping sound, someone said to check/add oil in the rear differential
I have an issue with my Rodeo when trying to crank it. It cranks fine when its cold (i.e. has been sitting over night or sitting in the parking lot at work for 8 hours....no problem) But say if i leave work and stop a...
how do u change the oil pan gasket it has 4 wheel drive
I have put in a clutch kit, master clutch and slave cylinder but there is still no pressure in the clutch and it wont go into gear what could be wrong?
i have replaced the clutch master slave cylinder and hydraulic lines still cant get into gear when running but when off it will go in gear and will start but cant get very good pedal