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I called around some said motor oil others said automatic transmission fluid. It look and smelled like gear oil came out of it.
When trying to start ,car starts Warnings lights come on ,no acceleration and stalls shortly after , had the crank angle sensor and alternator replaced , car will only start if alternator is disconnected , once start...
checked. OK. Replaced battery. Is there a 'link, relay, switch' associated with clutch that may be causing this problem?
would i be able to switch the air conditoning controls to the bottom and the radio to the top ?
Like driving without power brakes. Is it safe to drive-will brakes go out completely? don't drive car much and have been driving it like this for a while.
need to remove rear left axel from a 1991 izusu rodeo
what is the size of the slave cylinder bolt and the ones from the transmission?
I just recently added a new clutch. At first the clutch pedal would get stuck. Now the clutch pedal actually returns, but it soft. I had other mechanics look at the issue and they said that maybe it is the slave cylin...
this thing has a 4 bolt plate like i have seen with a slide hammer but it wont budge, any suggestions