Lexus LS460 Problem Report

Lexus LS460 Intermittent No Start Due to Failed "Push Start" Switch

(13 reports)

An intermittent no start condition may be caused by a failed "Push Start" switch. Replacing the failed switch should correct this concern.

Push the button. Tries to start. seems to just die. Push again and it starts -
I will push the brake, green light comes on, I will push the starter button and nothing, sometimes it doesn't start until the 3rd or 4th time. I have replaced the battery in both the car and the FOB, still not fixed. In shop now for a diagnostic. -
intermittent clicking and no start. Will start with a couple of tries -
I had the same problem I was pushing the start button too hard I was starting it and killing it at the same time. Now all I do is barely push the start button. Try it. It worked for me. -
It just happened today. . . I have not had it diagnosed or fixed yet. -
About 1 in 20 times the car does not start on the first try. -
Having ignition/satrting problems. Has not been corrected. -
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