GMC Yukon Problem Report

GMC Yukon Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

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The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

inside door handle broke off and out side driver door handle is starting to break -
I've gone through 2 outside handles and 5 inside handles. All on the same drivers side door. 1999 GMC Yukon. -
Driver inside door handle broke. -
three of the four door handles have brken along with the drivers set belt latch the dealer refuses to fix anything -
my dad has cracked in three places now. Asked local dealership the service dept told me oh u must of used some sort of soap on it. I can't believe how rude they are. -
Plastic outside door handles have been replaced on two (2) doors, over $200.00 each. Part hold door handle to door breaks and leaves you holding only the plastic door handle. -
passenger door at 100,000 driver door at 180,000 both inside -
Passenger side exterior door handle came off. -
outside door handle pulled out on driver side -
door handle paint cracked and handles sometimes will not open. -
the front and back passenger handles has been breaked -
Outer door handle housing cracked -
Right front passenger and right rear passenger door handles have been replaced. -
Drivers side exterior door handle broke. Purchased new one and through a little frustration, replaced it. Look my Yukon though! -
driver door ext handle broke -
Driver's door handle broke on the inside. Replaced it with the one from the back. -
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The inside door handles are prone to breaking.
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