GMC Suburban 2500 Problem Report

GMC Suburban 2500 Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

(15 reports)

The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

Drivers door handle broke on the inside. I have to put down the window down so I can open the door from the outside. -
outside door handle broke -
The root of the problem for these GM truck doors seems to be in the hinges. The hinge pin wears, causing the door to sag slightly. The sagging door rests more heavily on the striker and requires increasing force to open. After while - bingo - you will break one or both of the handles jerking the door open! A body shop wanted $300 to put in new door hinge bushings. -
inside door handle broke as did outside one, both on the drivers side. Had to replace both. -
Door handles broke -
inside driver door handle broke off -
inside door handle broke off -
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