GMC 1500 Pickup Problem Report

GMC 1500 Pickup Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

(36 reports)

The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

inside door handle broke twice -
I've replace the inside driver's door handle twice; the passenger once. The outside door handles are loose & wiggle yet still lock/open. -
Inside door handle broke, have to lower window to get out of the truck. -
There is no handle left just snapped off driver and passanger inside handles -
I think the problem here is the weight of the doors, and they begin to sag over time, requiring excessive opening closing force. My first inside door handle broke around 100,000 miles, bought a brand new one from the dealer and it lasted maybe 6 months. Like I said, my doors need to have the hinge pin bushings replaced to correctly align my door, hopefully after that it will stop eating up the handles! -
I have a 2011 GMC Pickup Texas Edition My drivers side door handle came off in my hands at 60,200 miles Yesterday the passenger side door came off at 63,185 miles -
problem in opening door from the inside and auto door locks dont work -
Replacing both inside handles -
I roll down the window to use outside door handle to get out of vehicle. The outside handle is broken too, but still works. -
Door handle exterior broke -
Driver's door handle cracked around outside of handle, replaced with new one. -
had toreplace on both my trucks serria 1997 and suburban 1500 1997 -
door handle on outside get loose and break -
Outside drivers door handle cracked.Just left it. -
I bought the pick up with 160,000 miles on it and the drivers side sorr handle was broken at that time. -
my driver side door handle broke,it was not so easy to replace. but rolling the window down to exit the truck was becoming a pain.i got so used to it that i even rolled down my daughters window in her car to get out. -
inside-outside broke -
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