GMC Sierra 1500 Problem Report

GMC Sierra 1500 Inside Door Handles May Break

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The inside door handles are prone to breaking.

This is a well known manufacturer flaw. Although GM decided to sweep it under the rug. Have had to replace the drivers side interior handle once a year for 5 consecutive years. Also had to change out the exterior door handle, and lock-set (tumbler) once. The fun really start when both the outside and interior handles decide to break at the same time.. then you can open your door at all without calling a locksmith with a "slim-jim" ( expect to pay $100.00 for that, on top of new handle. Now my drivers side door, which is hardly been used is now malfunctioning, causing me to have to crawl out the though the backseat.. This is just plane laziness on the behalf of GMC engineering "Way to go UAW!!" -
Inside door handle for right rear door broke. -
Went to open door and door handle came off in my hand. Trucks are made out of plastic. The Drivers door handle came off at 60200 miles. Do not buy a GMC -
The first time was drivers side outdoor handle around 30000 miles, now at 50000 its the passengers inside handle that wont open the door -
Never fixed it yet but my6 year old son opened it and just cracked -
Inside door handle 3rd door passenger's side rear! -
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need example of installation of rear breaks. step by step
we can get fluid out of the front breaks but not the rear

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