Buick Century Problem Report

Buick Century Inside Door Handles May Break

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The inside door handle may break causing the door not to open from the inside.

the linkage inside the door panel broke and i have to roll my window down and open my door from the outside lol...pain in the ass -
interior door handle broke - trying to find part to fix it -
Inside driver door handle will not open lock. Requires door disassembly and new linkage and door latch. -
My drivers door handle broke how do I re conect it or replace it -
Interior door handle on driver side no longer opens door. Moves without any resistance but causes no action. Door opens fine with external handle. -
driver side door handle has broken leaving me to exit out passenger door because all for window motors are also shot -
have to open drivers side door from outside -
Need to open door from outside handle. -
driver side door handle assembly break on 1994 Buick Century -
1990 Century. Drivers side door handle broke when purchased. Now window crank broke so if I jam window up can't get out on drivers side. Using this method until winter is over and can repair. Attempted to get out of car recently and the passenger inside handle broke. Put the window back down on driver side so I can exit vehicle. Not much fun during this Midwest winter season. -
front passenger door inside handle metal fatigue. just decayed apart. -
The linkage inside the door panel broke and I have to roll my window down and open my door from the outside. -
I bought the car from the previous owner, a 21 year old female, who told me she broke it by jerking it too hard when it was frozen shut. -
very expensive repair. -
Driver side door handle broke. Door will not open from outside nor from inside -
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